Shooting and Puck Control

Unlock Your Scoring Potential & Master the Art of Puck Handling


  • Technique Development: Learn the fundamentals of wrist shots, slap shots, snap shots, and backhands, ensuring each shot is powerful and precise.
  • Accuracy Drills: Improve your ability to hit targets consistently, enhancing your scoring efficiency from any spot on the ice.
  • Quick Release: Master the art of quick releases to catch goalies off guard and capitalize on scoring opportunities.
  • Game Situations: Simulate real-game scenarios to practice under pressure, building your confidence and decision-making skills.

Puck Control:

  • Stickhandling Skills: Develop lightning-fast hands and impeccable control with a variety of stickhandling drills tailored to your level.
  • Puck Protection: Learn to shield the puck from opponents effectively, using your body positioning and stick work to maintain possession.
  • Deception Techniques: Master fakes, dangles, and other deceptive moves to outmaneuver defenders and create scoring opportunities.
  • Speed and Agility: Enhance your footwork and on-ice agility to complement your puck-handling skills, making you a dynamic and unpredictable player.